BAU 2013: The trade fair you cannot miss (04.2013)

The exhibitors came to this enthusiastic conclusion after six days of exhibition at BAU 2013 in Munich. Proud result: more than 235,000 guests despite the adverse winter weather. For the first time, more than 60,000 international guests came to the world-leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems.

Participating in the trade fair also proved to be a complete success for Baugruppentechnik Pollmeier GmbH. In hall B4, the public could carefully examine a total of 22 Pollmeier exhibits by numerous distinguished window and door manufacturers. In addition, the new fittings were, in some cases, presented in cabinets or incorporated in entire living rooms. "Muffled sliding door with wood or glass were a big topic this year", summarised Holger Pollmeier. "This really pleases us because we recognised this trend early and have had mufflers in the program for a while."
The integrated ceiling rail, which Pollmeier developed based on Flexible as a highlight exclusively for one customer for the trade fair, has experienced extraordinary interest. This convincing innovation is available commercially straightaway. It optimally completes the fixing element for the sliding door fixing Flexible 2. "Many of our customer presented the fixing element as a complete room divider at BAU", rejoiced sales manager Torben Kindt. Premiere is also celebrating the DrehMoment, a muffled self-withdrawal system for wood and glass doors which impressed the international expert audience. The door manufacturers tested the fitting, on the one hand, in models in order to receive direct customer feedback.. On the other hand, they hand already integrated the DrehMoment into the exhibition. The feedback was extremely positive. After the trade fair, there were already numerous requests for in-house trade fairs. Many manufacturers want to incorporate the new release in their assortment. And that is the case for all versions of the DrehMoment, whether a put-on variant for wood and glass door or integrated in wood doors.