DrehMoment: The dampend self-closing device for front doors (01.2013)

Being drawers, sliding doors or toilette doors, the dampened self-closing device is not imaginable today. From the beginning of April 2013, at long last, Pollmeier is also introducing this convenient detail to the market for rotary doors up to a maximum width of 985 millimetre.

The DrehMoment offers a completely new closing convenience for wooden doors and glass doors up to maximum 40 kilogram's: the innovation dampens the impact according to the set closing force and then pulls the door gently into the lock. The DrehMoment is available as an integrated solution for wooden doors and is thus almost concealed. Moreover, wooden doors (folded or rebated) can be retrofitted in comfort and within a few minutes. Then the self-closing device is simply activated in the same way as glass doors without damaging the door. You can take a look as to how it works by watching out installation video under http://youtu.be/TeC05j6MyTY . "This closing comfort for room doors was long overdue. There is a good chance that the DrehMoment will have the same success story as the self-closing device in the furniture sector", said Holger Pollmeier who is convinced about his newest product.