Fittings for sliding doors: A strong complete range

As regards fittings, with Pollmeier no wish remains unfulfilled. The company in Hövelhof covers the weight classes of 40 to 120 kilograms with the product groups PUR and Flexible.

All fittings are suited for wooden doors and glass doors and distinguish themselves by an on both sides damping which also can be mounted in smallest doors and shifted comfortable fully adjustable. The advantage: Even with retrofitting of the sliding door fittings there is no processing oft he doors required. The panels and the surfaces with anodized aluminum or brushed stainless steel shows a high-value optics Also the door industry likes falling back to the well thought out Pollmeier-fitting port folio, Because of variety of parts the company will be able to implement special customer requests any time. „We cover all price ranges: With Flexible we are represented in the high, with PUR in the middle and with Real in the low prize segment“, manager Holger Pollmeier promises.