Fixed element for Flexible 2: A new layout for rooms (03.2012)

The Flexible 2 sliding door mounting for timber and glass doors of weight categories from 50 to 120 kilograms has become successfully established in the market. With an element for fixed side parts, the 'hotbed of ideas' in Hövelhof is now helping to expand the product range.

The innovation can be installed as a glass room divider, thus opening up opportunities for providing habitats with a new layout. The way of handling will also win you over: an adapter allows simple fixing of the rail section of the fixed element to the sliding door mounting - all without adhesive bonding. Also the glass is affixed using just a rubber section. The surfaces that can be selected are anodized aluminium (E6EV1) and brushed stainless steel (E6C31). For further information, please phone our sales director Torben Kindt on +49 5257 / 9773-26 or by email