Lingua Projects: Pollmeier sponsors English-speaking project week (02.2014)

For the first time, in the final week of January, 45 German Year 8s and Year 9s only spoke English at the Hövelhofer Krollbachschule (school). The reason for this was the "Lingua Projects" which were carried out in cooperation with the Universität Paderborn.

This was led by three English-speaking guests from Scotland, New York and California who did not have any knowledge of German. The three teachers tried to motivate the pupils with a great program and to help them put aside their intial shyness to speak English. The enthusiasm for this new project could be felt around the whole school after the project week. Younger pupils are already hoping that they will be able to take part in the project in the coming years. Likewise does headteacher Michael Stolpmann, who was sincerely thankful for the generous donation by company Pollmeier and the school development institution.