New standardised work method

Keeping your mind free for your daily business - Getting Things Done (GTD) is a self-management method by David Allen which was introduced by the Pollmeier team this year to ensure a focused, bustling, but at the same time relaxed working climate.

"We are a small team of mind workers who face new challenges and a variety of tasks every day. This means we need to set priorities. GTD seemed to me to be the ideal method of keeping track of complex projects, and keeping those projects on the move", says CEO Holger Pollmeier, who has much experience in the field of work methods. He moderated the 4-week training session with his staff personally. Experience after three months shows that stress potential has dropped enormously, while efficiency and effectiveness have demonstrably increased. On top of this, the use of individual instruments such as mind mapping have made a contribution. "Mind-maps allowed us to improve the quality of our team meetings", Pollmeier reports. In addition to this, GTD is perfect for quickly integrating new staff into the company and inducting them in their workplaces.