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Fittings for sliding doors: A strong complete range

As regards fittings, with Pollmeier no wish remains unfulfilled. The company in Hövelhof covers the weight classes of 40 to 120 kilograms with the product groups PUR and Flexible.
All fittings are suited for wooden doors and glass doors and distinguish themselves by an on both sides damping which also can be mounted in smallest doors and shifted (...)

Trade fair presentation: meeting point BAU 2011

From 17 to 22 January 2011, the world trade show for architecture, materials, and systems will take place once again in Munich.
Pollmeier will also be attending this important international construction industry event to present exciting examples to selected customers. Will you be joining us at (...)

Tightener: An easy assembly and high-quality optics.

The end of hide and seek. The new tighteners of the specialist for fittings in Höfelhof have also been worthy of note- and also much quicker and easier to install.
This will ensure the self-locking system of which a patent has been applied. We can do without cover strip holders. Besides, the assembly succeeds without tools, because (...)

Trends for the bathroom: washbasin stands with integrated towel rack

An innovation in German bathrooms that has been around for some time now is the wash basin holder.
It helps to create new and inviting interior designs that free up space even in small bathrooms. Pollmeier's response to this is to design a bracket-holder. The holder, (...)

State of the Art: Sliding door fittings for wooden and glazed doors

"Flexible" sees Pollmeier introduce a fully concealed sliding door fitting to the market that fulfills the most exacting requirements in terms of styling and smooth running, while at the same time reflecting the state of the art.
"Flexible" was created as a competitor product for a high-end fitting already available on the market. The aluminium look sliding door fitting is suitable for wooden and (...)

New standardised work method

Keeping your mind free for your daily business - Getting Things Done (GTD) is a self-management method by David Allen which was introduced by the Pollmeier team this year to ensure a focused, bustling, but at the same time relaxed working climate.
"We are a small team of mind workers who face new challenges and a variety of tasks every day. This means we need to set priorities. GTD seemed to me to be the ideal (...)

Think tank for quality fittings

Manufacturing special fittings is Baugruppentechnik Pollmeier GmbH's domain.
As an innovative partner in the industry, this young, mid-sized company achieves excellent results for all kinds of customer-specific requirements. Skilled engineers (...)

Teaching heavyweights to fly

Whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, interior doors or facade technology, Pollmeier GmbH demonstrates its solution-provider competency in many fields.
The latest product by the company from Hövelhof: the first fitting for floating bottom cabinets with drawers. Commissioned by kitchen manufacturer, Pollmeier developed a (...)

Flush motion sliding

Cooperation with the Univ. of Paderborn
One of the hottest topics in the furniture industry right now is flush motion sliding door fittings. However, the typical products on the market right now don't provide (...)