Teaching heavyweights to fly

Whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, interior doors or facade technology, Pollmeier GmbH demonstrates its solution-provider competency in many fields.

The latest product by the company from Hövelhof: the first fitting for floating bottom cabinets with drawers. Commissioned by kitchen manufacturer, Pollmeier developed a heavy-duty fitting, that is easily capable of bearing a load of 300 kilogram, in collaboration with Prof. Helmut Wild (University of Paderborn) within just a couple of weeks. Certified by Möbelprüfinstitut LGA QualiTest GmbH, a furniture testing institute based in Herford, this is the only unique, patented fitting to be launched since 2009. The special feature is that installation time is reduced to a minimum as the fitter does not need to install a complex front wall construction.

At its first showing at a trade fair, the new product was bound to attract the attention of kitchen manufacturers. For easy-as-pie installation,Pollmeier offers a special service in the form of the Plug-Finder hotline. This is where customers can easily discover the right plug for the walls they have.